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A bond is a connection, a link between a person or thing with another. Therefore, two connected individuals or objects are united (with more or less freedom) either physically or symbolically.

Let’s think in images and move from the minute to the infinite. The bond between atoms and molecules shapes and defines our matter. Similarly, there are internal bonds with our roots, experiences, and emotions, and their imprint, the trace of those beautiful and terrible dreams, shapes our personality. The bond of one person with others creates friendships, families, and societies, which in turn enable other bonds exponentially.
Similarly, it happens with the environment: ecosystems are formed, linking to each other. And images of a planet, the solar system, the Universe are already reaching us.

Tothom reflects on the way we relate to ourselves, to others, and to the environment, but our goal is not to provide answers but to provoke many questions. Who am I? Am I happy? What do I perceive in this moment? Is it a personal or common sensation? What do you feel? Do you want to throw stones with the slingshot or heal the broken wing of a bird? What connections do I establish with my work and colleagues, neighbors, my partner, friends and family, animals, plants, the earth, or in the fleeting encounters amidst daily transactions? What can I do? How can I be more human? This is Tothom, an immersive, atmospheric, musical journey, in search of who knows what, a journey through the big questions of existence, through the poetry of the here and now. Tothom is a heartbeat and a flash, a reclaiming act of the beauty of life and reflection on our place in the world.


Genre: Musical.
Subgenre: New Stage Languages. Electronic Choral.
Duration: 60 min.
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, Basque, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Sami, Estonian.


Creation and Direction: Néstor Calderer, Lucia Bérešová
Sound Design: Sergio Bernardi, Néstor Calderer
Choral Direction: Lucia Bérešová
Dramaturgy: Déborah Vukušić
Visual Art: José Ramón Bas
Lighting Design: Valentina Azzati
Stage Direction: Artur Villalba, Mercé Recacha
Choral Performance: ResonArt Vocal Ensemble
Actress/Soloist: Maider Lasa Santamaria