Néstor Calderer:

Project Leadership and Sound and Visual Generation


A musician and pianist, he studied classical piano, obtaining a degree in music, and continued his studies at the “Ecole Normale D Musique” in Paris. In the realm of jazz, he graduated and earned a master’s degree in higher studies in Jazz and modern music at ESEM-taller with a specialization in jazz piano.

Professionally, as a performer, he has been a resident pianist in various venues in Barcelona and has performed in different cities in Spain, Italy, Belgium, England, and Poland, both as a soloist and in various formations. His involvement with audiovisual language began self-taught due to his interest in uniting forms of expression and the quest to merge the musical, visual, and performative worlds.

Currently based in Barcelona, he combines his pedagogical and interpretative work in various musical formations with personal creative projects, collaborating with artists from different fields such as theater and dance. This versatility stems from his interest in continuing to explore the potential of music in synergy with other languages and forms of artistic expression.