Sergio Bernardi:

Sound Generator

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A self-taught electronic music producer, passionate about art and its combination with new technologies, he has been immersed in the world of DJing since 2010. He has traveled through various underground clubs in Barcelona, Europe, and Eastern Europe, delivering numerous performances alongside international and local artists.

Whether performing solo as a DJ under one of his aliases such as Jünger Schweizer, Inner Chatter, or engaging in studio work for soundtracking audiovisual material, advertising campaigns, miniseries, or as part of collectives like FACT and Umbral 43, his immersive journey has spanned genres including ambient, minimal, techno, house, acid, and tech-house. Eventually, he has shifted his focus to a more experimental and improvised universe with a more transcendental musical discourse.

Currently, he collaborates on a collective research project led by Néstor Calderer and Eduard Miralles, exploring the integration of new technologies, audiovisual arts, and musicians in a live context with a performative and dramaturgical background.