Resonart Vocal Ensemble:



AT1A6644 (1)


Nuria Luterbacher (Soloist)
Anna Mullor (Soloist)
Barbara Zindelova
Anna Fité


Maider Lasa Santamaría (Soloist/actress)
Adriana Michavila
Victoria Valeeva
Roser Lopez
Natalia Marqués


Joel Ruiz (soloist)
Roberto Montes
Max Kart
Juan Sebastián Saldarriaga
Gerard Fusté


Pablo Contreras (Body percussion)
Adrià Pagès
Lev Vlasov
Simon Taibi

ResonArt Vocal Ensemble was created in 2019 in Barcelona by Lucia Beresova with the aim of providing a space to explore creative and innovative interpretations of choral music. The ensemble seeks to discover new ways to connect with people by enhancing the message of the music through tools such as improvisation, movement, and fusion with other arts.

In the thematic realm of choral music, ResonArt addresses situations that reflect contemporary society and are common in our interpersonal and intrapersonal lives: environmental issues, war, ignorance, exclusion, and immigration. Through their music, the choir members aim to convey the ideas of tolerance, respect, and equality for all individuals.

In 2020, the choir collaborated on the international project Eschatofonia – Requiem for the victims of Covid19. Despite its short existence, ResonArt has won several awards at international choral music festivals: Silver Diploma at Mundus Cantat 2020 in Sopot (Poland), First Prize at the Chisinau International Choir Competition 2021 (Moldova), and Second Prize at the International Festival of Sacred Music in Szczecin 2021 (Poland).